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Gaps in ASBH’s Cultural Inclusion Practices From The Perspective of a Student

Arisa Marshall Most students of color know what it feels like to be the only non-white person in a classroom; the isolat...

January 12, 2022

Pushing Back Against Covid Shame

Alyson Isaksson Capp, PhD The dreaded pink line bleeding across the test strip next to the navy  “Like a pregnancy ...

January 12, 2022

Professional Ethics

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: How Bioethics Can Learn from Organized Medicine

This editorial appears in the Jan 2022 issue of the American Journal of Bioethics. Elizabeth P. Clayborne and&...

January 12, 2022

Professional Ethics

The Need for “Big Bioethics” Research

This editorial appears in the Jan 2022 issue of the American Journal of Bioethics. Joel E. Pacyna and Richard R. Sharp E...

January 12, 2022

Health Care

The Pandemic And The Atrophy of Primary Care

Steven H Miles, MD For the first part of my medical career, I worked in intensive care units, hospitals, clinics, and nu...

January 12, 2022


Gimme a Boost?

Kyle Ferguson, PhD Arthur Caplan, PhD The unfairness of “boosters” might seem self-evident: Millions of Americans are re...

January 12, 2022


The Limits of Our Social Lens on Abortion Laws (I’ll Take my Sunglasses Off)

You might ask what sunbathing topless at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland and having an abortion have in common. Well, ...

January 12, 2022


AJOB December Issue Student Cover Art

With the rise of multiomic research and databases, there is also an increased risk to the privacy of research participan...

January 12, 2022

From “Ought” to “Is:” Surfacing Values in Patient and Family Advocacy in Rare Diseases...

by Meghan C. Halley Note: The following editorial was recently published in the American Journal of Bioethics, Volume 21...

January 12, 2022

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Kathy Powderly

by Craig Klugman, PhD Kathleen (Kathy) Ellen Powderly was a medical educator, clinical ethicist, medical historian, nurs...

November 29, 2021

Black Bioethics, Cultural, Ethics

What Does it Cost to be a Black Bioethicist?

by Keisha Ray, PhD and Faith E. Fletcher, PhD, MA  Recently Leah Pierson wrote the essay “Becoming a...

November 22, 2021


Book Review – Military Medical Ethics in Contemporary Armed Conflict

by Martin CM Bricknell CB OStJ PhD DM MBA MA MedSci Military Medical Ethics in Contemporary Armed Conflict: Mobilizing M...

November 16, 2021

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