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The 2011 Reuters/ISI/Thomson Journal Citation Index has been released, and we are proud to announce that The American Journal of Bioethics continues its record of being the most cited journal in all categories in which it is ranked with an impact factor score of 4.083. Its impact factor is higher than such journals as American Journal of Public Health, Harvard Law Review, and Academic Medicine. In addition, AJOB has a higher impact factor than any journal in nursing, anthropology, and political science, just to name a few.

In addition to its high impact factor, AJOB continues to lead the field in immediacy index (6th highest of any journal in any field), five-year impact factor, and Article Influence Score.

We are proud of the work of AJOB’s Founding Editor-in-Chief, Co-Editor, Associate Editors, Executive Editor and Editorial Board in 2010 and 2011 which made these rankings possible. Above all, we want to thank each of our our authors and peer reviewers for the phenomenal contributions they have made to our journal. Your continued support of AJOB helps to ensure that our journal is a must read for anyone interested in ethical issues in biomedical research, medical care, health policy, and public health.

Looking forward, we expect to add still more value to the most-cited source of information about bioethics in the world. We eagerly anticipate working with our growing network of scholars in bioethics and the biomedical and social sciences to continue producing the most influential journal in our field and many others.

AJOB Has the Highest Impact Factor in Every Category in Which It is Ranked:

#1 in Medical Ethics

#1 in History and Philosophy of Science

#1 in Ethics

#1 in Social Issues

#1 in Social Sciences, Biomedical

AJOB Has a Higher Impact Factor Than All Journals in These Categories:

#1 in Anthropology

#1 in Science Education

#1 in Nursing

#1 in Political Science

#1 in Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary

#1 in Social Work

#1 in Women’s Studies

#1 in Public Administration


AJOB has the 6th highest immediacy index score among all 11,016 JCR journals. Our immediacy index score is higher than that of Nature, Nature Biotechnology, JAMA, British Medical Journal, Cell, and Cell Stem Cell. AJOB has the highest immediacy index for all 2900+ Social Science journals.


Just 6% of the total number of citations for AJOB in its 2011 JCR ranking were self-cites.

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