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The Code Blue Pharmacist 

A patient coded at my hospital without having clear guidelines about what he wanted for treatment plan. It left the hosp…

May 13, 2022

Democratizing Bioethics: The National Student Bioethics Association Inaugural Conference

The National Student Bioethics Association (NSBA) was founded in 2021 as a not-for-profit initiative that aims…

May 9, 2022

Abortion: Welcome to the Sixties

In November 1964, 9 years before the right to an abortion was codified by Roe v. Wade, I was an intern in a busy, urban…

May 6, 2022

Are Bioethicists Obligated to Produce Public Scholarship?

It’s hard to say which topics that bioethicists research and write about should be published in popular news sources a…

April 17, 2022


2022 Summer School Online: B…

Bioethics Education International (BEI)
Manhattan, NYC
Start: 2022/07/18
End: 2022/07/23


Clinical Ethicist

Allina Health
Closing date: 2023/01/01

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