Forget Condoms? Use Diet Coke!



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October 8, 2008

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I can hardly believe it myself–but yes, there are funded researchers who study whether Coca-Cola actually is an effective spermicide. But even more astonishing reports the LA Times is that America’s favorite carbonated beverage actually is an effective sperm immobilizer.

Better yet, Diet Coke is more deadly to men’s seed then regular Coke.

What would ever have inspired such research frightens one to think about, but then again, Coca-Cola has been considered a wonder cure for everything from hiccups to colic, to relieving jelly fish stings. So why not killing sperm? Furthermore, it is clearly noted by the researchers that they DO NOT recommend this as a form of birth control.

Sorry folks–simply drinking it certainly won’t work. You can explode Mentos with it or kill a snail, but to prevent unwanted pregnancy–you are going to have to stick to the tried and true methods.

Summer Johnson, PhD

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