Moving Toward Bioethics in Secondary School



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November 23, 2004

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Ethics and Topical Issues Could Replace Traditional Sciences
, writes RedNova. “Teenagers will be able to ditch traditional science studies and focus on the ethics of hot topics like cloning and MMR, under GCSE reforms outlined this week.” Is this true? Feedback from partner teachers working with Penn’s high school bioethics project would indicate that unless the teaching of bioethics somehow replaced the teaching of science, it would be a welcome option. Many teachers tell us they don’t have the time and, some say, the training to teach bioethics in a systematic way. Nonetheless teachers fit bioethics in because they are interested, their students are interested & ask the right questions, and because by teaching basic science in a broader context they can point out the relevance of emerging technologies for students, their families, and society. -Dominic Sisti

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