The December Issue of The American Journal of Bioethics is Now Online



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December 17, 2008

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Hot off the presses and soon to hit your mailbox, the December issue of The American Journal of Bioethics is now available at

This month’s issue features an article by Johns Hopkins’ researchers led by Jeremy Sugarman who explore the effects that viewing medical television shows have upon medical professionals views of ethical issues. One can only hope that clinician’s don’t take House, M.D. to be a moral exemplar!

This issue also includes an article written by John Lauritzen about the use of visual images in bioethics and their power in argumentation (appropriately or inappropriately used). Also, this issue features an article by Francoise Baylis who discusses why the use of animal eggs for stem cell research may not be a good path and that crossing species boundaries presents real ethical concerns that must be addressed.

This latest issue of AJOB presents some novel, timely and intriguing issues. Check out the issue right here on

Summer Johnson, PhD

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