Ethics Teacher Training Course


St André International Center for Ethics and Integrity


Rochefort-du-Gard (near Avignon, Provence, France)



Tag(s): Past

Building forth on the Ethics Education Program of UNESCO, this course is set up to provide training to ethics teachers with the purpose to enhance their skills and abilities. It aims particularly on training a younger generation of teachers so that ethics teaching programs in the near future can expand and improve in all countries. Whereas internationally renowned experts in ethics will introduce various themes, the core of this seminar will be a sustained conversation and critical debate among all participants, with ample time for personal reflection and cultural enrichment. Each participant is encouraged to prepare a short presentation, to be given during the seminar. While this presentation may cover a completed ethics education project, the primary purpose of these breakout sessions is to discuss upcoming teaching assignments, ongoing innovations, or any other ethics education related endeavor that will spark discussion. For each presentation, at least 45 minutes will be set aside for an in-depth discussion. Registration is limited to 20 participants.

Event start time: 03:30 pm

Event end time: 03:30 pm

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