One Health: The Inextricable Links of Human Health, Animal Health, and the Environment


University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics


Zoom | Free | Open to the Public


24th March 2023

Tag(s): Past

Speaker: Lawrence Gostin, JD, LL.D (Hon.), Georgetown University
This talk will discuss the inextricable links between human health, animal health, and the environment. It will show how we are at greatest risk ever of more cataclysmic health events, including epidemics and pandemics. Dr. Gostin will show how a One Health approach, or what he calls “deep prevention,” can mitigate the risk of future health emergencies. Dr. Gostin argues we have a clear pathway to making the world safer and we should take it. This lecture will also underscore the overriding value of equity in prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery from pandemics.

Learning objectives: At the end of this talk, participants will be able to answer:
– Why the world faces grave risks of future pandemics and epidemics;
– Why animal health and human health are intertwined; and
– Why climate change poses major pandemic risks.

Event start time: 12:00 pm

Event end time: 01:00 pm

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