“Who Ya Gonna Call?” When Your Patients Can’t Decide by Themselves


University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics




8th November 2022

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In daily clinical practice, care decisions must be made even when patients lack capacity to independently provide informed consent and shared decision-making. If the patient has not named someone to speak for them, it can become a challenge to know how best to proceed. This presentation will explore various complexities of surrogate decision making and propose strategies for honoring patient values and goals when alternate decision makers are needed.

Objectives: At the conclusion of this presentation, learners should be able to:
– Describe three ways to determine the most appropriate surrogate decision maker for a patient lacking capacity.
– Identify challenges a surrogate may face in making decisions on behalf of a patient.
– Name one ethical standard guiding surrogate decision making.
– Discuss two approaches to help surrogate decision makers perform their role well.

About the Series: Unpacking Bedside Bioethics is a quarterly professional development seminar series delivered by the Center for Bioethics. Speakers introduce foundational bioethics concepts, identify ethical dilemmas in clinical cases, & discuss how to apply bioethical frameworks to resolve those dilemmas. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, chaplains, social workers & other clinical support as well as health professions students are encouraged to attend.

Upon request, Zoom attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance to apply for Continuing Education Units for their respective professions. We are not able to offer CEUs directly to attendees. Please note, you must attend a minimum of 75% of the talk to receive a certificate. Each talk will be recorded & posted with our other event recordings. Certificates of Attendance will not be given for watching the recording – only for those attending the zoom session.

Event start time: 12:15 pm

Event end time: 01:15 pm

To see more info & register, please visit https://bioethics.umn.edu/events/who-ya-gonna-call-when-your-patients-cant-decide-themselves

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