Vice President of Scientific Affairs & Director of Research

Posted April 15th 2024

Charlotte Lozier Institute

Arlington, VA

The Charlotte Lozier Institute is the 501(c)(3) research and education institute of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, an organization dedicated to electing candidates and pursuing policies that will reduce and ultimately end abortion and the destruction of unborn human life. In just over a decade, CLI has established itself as a go-to source for accurate and timely research and information on life issues. With a current network of over 70 Associate Scholars from a variety of disciplines, CLI provides pro-life groups and policy makers research-based information of the highest quality on issues including abortion, women’s health, prenatal diagnosis and treatment for the unborn, perinatal hospice, abortion reporting, sex-selection abortion, stem cell research and medicine, gene editing, and health care policy.

The Vice President of Scientific Affairs and Director of Research is the individual primarily responsible for assisting the Executive Director in developing a robust research agenda and commissioning, monitoring, editing/reviewing, and clearing for publication research and policy papers prepared by CLI associate scholars and other individuals with expertise in science, medicine, and related fields. This individual is also responsible for overseeing the scientific section of the CLI associate scholar program, including recruiting, training and deploying these scholars for testimonies, briefings and other interactions with policymakers and the public.
This is a full-time position that reports to the executive director.

Essential Functions
Research and analyze issues and data quickly, effectively and thoroughly.
Identify research needs, topics and experts suitable for public policy writing, publication, and presentation.
Communicate effectively in both the spoken and written word, with the ability to adjust to audience level and expectations.
Be able to articulate data interpretation and conclusions in a manner appropriate to topic.
Be able to supervise, guide and mentor other scientific, medical, and research professionals as well as staff in research, publication and presentations.
Possess sensitivity in the presentation of research topics to the media and policymakers.
Work well as part of a team of researchers at CLI and in cooperation with other organizations.
Work with government agencies and individuals on research requests and oversee issues of compliance with research protocols and handling of data.
Be open to manage a program of graduate students on professional policy tracks in medicine or related fields where science and policy understanding and ethical norms are vital topics.
Be familiar with research methods, style and citation guides, and procedures for obtaining permissions to use/cite material.
Be able to network effectively with other people working on similar topics in order to check work and communicate results or collaborate where possible.
Identify new associate scholars and work with other CLI colleagues to evaluate new scholars and invite them to participate with CLI.

Familiarity and demonstrated ability with academic research and peer-reviewed journals, as well as legislative and legal filings and databases.
Public Speaking – comfortable testifying in front of legislative bodies and speaking to public and professional audiences.
Highly organized and attentive to deadlines.
Must be strongly pro-life and committed to academic research in defense of life.

Supervisory Responsibility
Supervise 2-3 other senior level professional research staff.

Required Education/Experience
Possess at least a Ph.D. in chemical or biological sciences, medicine, or related fields.
Minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience in life sciences research, analyzing public policy, science and medicine data trends, and other sources relevant to studies in life issues.
Writing and speaking ability and experience are essential to the position.
Must work well with other scholars, help to envision and plan research needs, and move multiple projects along simultaneously.
Familiar with the major sources of public and private scientific publications, data and funding related to life sciences and medicine.

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