Subject: Clinical Ethics

Clinical Ethics, Editorial-AJOB, Research Ethics

Prenatal Testing for Non-Medical Traits

This editorial can be found in the March 2023 issue of the American Journal of Bioethics. You can find it here: https://...

March 15, 2023

Clinical Ethics, Sexual Assault

They Won’t Call It Rape If He Was Trying To Help Me: Western Medicine And Rape Culture

Content warning: sexual assault, rape When I was six years old, my dad, who was at the time training to be a medical doc...

January 19, 2023

Clinical Ethics, Privacy

Continued Erosion of Patient Trust in Electronic Health Records

As more nations introduce electronic health records (EHRs), many patients are wary of revealing personal health informat...

July 5, 2022

Clinical Ethics

Healthcare is the Care of the Healthy

Western society has a digital mentality; digitality is everywhere. What is not digital, simply does not exist. This deri...

June 22, 2022

Clinical Ethics, COVID-19 pandemic, Editorial-AJOB, Professionalism

Ethical Considerations for the Just Utilization of House Staff During the Covid-19 Pandemi...

The following is an editorial in the American Journal of Bioethics, March 2022 issue. It can be found here: ht...

March 8, 2022

Clinical Ethics, Editorial-AJOB, Pediatrics

Fetal Therapies and Clinical Research: Beyond Risk and Benefit 

The following is an editorial in the American Journal of Bioethics, March 2022 issue. It can be found here: https://www....

March 8, 2022

Clinical Ethics, COVID-19 pandemic, Vaccines

Vaccination Mandates, Physically Forced Vaccination, and Rationing in the Intensive Care U...

The following is an editorial that can be found in a future issue of the American Journal of Bioethics. Background Vacci...

February 15, 2022

Clinical Ethics, Stem Cells

Gaps in the New Human Embryo Research Guidelines

by Kevin Wilger, MS             Earlier this year, the Internatio...

November 3, 2021

Clinical Ethics, COVID-19 pandemic, Health Disparities, Health Policy & Insurance, Health Regulation & Law, Justice, Social Justice, Vulnerable Populations

Standard Racism: Trying to Use “Crisis Standards of Care” in the COVID-19 Pandemic

By George J. Annas and Sondra S. Crosby This editorial can be found in the latest issue of American Journal of Bioethics...

July 30, 2021

Clinical Ethics, Justice, Science, Stem Cells, Vulnerable Populations

Stem Cell Bioethics vs. Disability Rights

by A. Rahman Ford, JD, PhD There can be no question that current FDA regulations regarding the use of one’s own stem cel...

June 18, 2021

Clinical Ethics, In Memoriam

In Memoriam – Bob Orr, Clinical Ethics Pioneer

by Robert Macauley MD Next to “Clinical Ethicist” in the dictionary, there really ought to be a photo of Bob Orr. Not on...

June 11, 2021

Clinical Ethics, Ethics, Public Health, Research Ethics, Vaccines

Delaying Vaccine Dosages Is More Than Risky, It’s Unethical

by Elisheva “Eli” Nemetz, BA, MBE The field of bioethics emerged as a result of the atrocities attested to in the Nuremb...

April 9, 2021

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