Subject: Education

Education, Pedagogy

Medical Students’ Call to Social Justice Education Encounters Barriers of Traditional, Com...

In 2020, we were nearing the end of our first year of medical school while witnessing one of the most isolating and tumu...

August 12, 2023

Education, LGBTQ ethics

Queer Heartaches and Hopes in the Classroom: An AIDS Paradigm Example

“If you got it from sleeping with a thousand guys, then it’s a judgment on your promiscuity. If you got it from sleeping...

November 1, 2022


Democratizing Bioethics: The National Student Bioethics Association Inaugural Conference

The National Student Bioethics Association (NSBA) was founded in 2021 as a not-for-profit initiative that aims...

May 9, 2022


Why Legacy Admissions Has No Place in 21st-Century Medical Education

Legacy admissions, which occur when an educational institution gives preference to certain applicants based on their fam...

February 28, 2022

Cultural, Education, Medical Humanities, Philosophy & Ethics, Race, Science, Social Justice

The Folly of Apolitical Science

By Johnathan Flowers, PhD A persistent myth in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Medicine) fields argues that sci...

November 15, 2021

ASBH, Education, Social Justice

Does ASBH Really Value Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

by Daphne O. Martschenko, PhD, Kevin T. Mintz, PhD, Holly K. Tabor, PhD The American Society for Bioethics and the Human...

October 13, 2021

Children/Adolescents, Education, Genetics, Health Disparities, Social Justice

Why should we care about social and behavioral genomics?

By Daphne O. Martschenko, PhD, Lucas J. Matthews, PhD, Maya Sabatello, LLB, PhD Only a couple of decades ago, extensive ...

September 23, 2021

Cultural, Editorial-AJOB, Education, Ethics

The Current State of Efforts to Address Disparities, Racism and Cultural Humility in Medic...

by Ross E. McKinney, Norma Poll-Hunter and Lisa D. Howley The following blog is an editorial found in the latest issue o...

August 27, 2021

Education, Health Disparities, Social Justice, Vulnerable Populations

Bioethicists Respond: How Can Medical And Nursing Schools Prepare Students to Respond to T...

by Rachel Fabi, PhD, Vivian V. Altiery De Jesús, MBE, and Liz Stokes, JD, MA, RN In this series we ask bioethicists to r...

February 15, 2021

Education, Ethics, Public Health

Let’s Mask up For The Sake of Our Children.

by Asma Fazal, MD, MRCPI, MHSc Covid-19 pandemic has changed world dynamics. Measures such as wearing a face mask, regul...

December 10, 2020

Education, Politics

To keep our democracy, we need more liberal arts (and funding)

by Craig Klugman, Ph.D. In 1862, the Morrill Act provided for the building of land grant universities throughout the cou...

November 24, 2020

Black Bioethics, Education, Professional Ethics

Our Response to Racism Should Not Be More Unpaid Work for Black Faculty, Part I

This essay is part of a 2-part series on the burdens placed on black faculty in academic bioethics. The second part, by ...

June 10, 2020

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