Subject: Neuroethics


The Need for Neuro-Computational Ethics

Author, Veljko Dubljević, PhD (NC State University) will be the new Editor in Chief of American Journal of Bioethics – N...

February 2, 2023


American Association for the Advancement of Science

A summary report of an invitational workshop convened by the Scientific Freedom, Responsibility and Law Program entitled...

Global Ethics, Neuroethics, Race, Social Justice

Engaging Social Justice: An Expanded Vision for Neuroethics

by Nicole Martinez-Martin, JD, PhD; Laura Y. Cabrera, PhD and Timothy E. Brown, PhD The novelist Arundhati Roy wrote tha...

October 20, 2021

Neuroethics, Research Ethics, Technology

Human Brain Surrogates Research: The Onrushing Ethical Dilemma

Abstract Human brain research is moving into a dilemma. The best way to understand how the human brain works is to study...

Editorial-AJOB, Neuroethics

Ethically Problematic Medical Device Representation

This piece appears as an editorial in the August 2020 issue of The American Journal of Bioethics. You can read this piec...

August 14, 2020

Neuroethics, Organ Transplant & Donation, Philosophy & Ethics

Legal and Ethical Considerations for Requiring Consent for Apnea Testing in Brain Death Determination

Abstract The past decade has witnessed escalating legal and ethical challenges to the diagnosis of death by neurologic c...

Informed Consent, Neuroethics, Philosophy & Ethics

Brain Death Testing: Time for National Uniformity

Abstract It is time to revise the Uniform Determination of Death Act (UDDA) to assure a consistent nationwide approach t...

Neuroethics, Philosophy & Ethics, Technology

Artificial Intelligence in Service of Human Needs: Pragmatic First Steps Toward an Ethics for Semi-Autonomous Agents

Abstract The ethics of robots and artificial intelligence (AI) typically centers on “giving ethics” to as-yet imaginary ...

Neuroethics, Philosophy & Ethics, Technology

Superethics Instead of Superintelligence: Know Thyself, and Apply Science Accordingly

Abstract The human species is combining an increased understanding of our cognitive machinery with the development of a ...

Neuroethics, Psychiatric Ethics, Technology

Sorry I Didn’t Hear You.” The Ethics of Voice Computing and AI in High Risk Mental Health Populations

Abstract This article examines the ethical and policy implications of using voice computing and artificial intelligence ...

Neuroethics, Philosophy & Ethics, Technology

Deep Fakes and Memory Malleability: False Memories in the Service of Fake News

Abstract Deep fakes have rapidly emerged as one of the most ominous concerns within modern society. The ability to easil...

Neuroethics, Research Ethics, Technology

Anthropomorphism in AI

Abstract AI research is growing rapidly raising various ethical issues related to safety, risks, and other effects widel...

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