a pint a day keeps the doctor away?



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December 19, 2007

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From Wil Wheaton’s blog (yes, that Wil Wheaton) comes the fabulous news that Guinness? Is good for you!

According to a new study out of the University of Wisconsin, drinking a pint of Guinness a day gives the same healthy-heart benefits as an aspirin a day (keeps the heart attack away). Apparently something in Guinness – but no lagers – reduces the clotting activity… at least, in the dogs that were in the study. Something tells me recruiting human research subjects won’t be difficult!

No one is really sure what in the Guinness causes this anti-clotting activity; maybe it’s added anti-oxidants, maybe it’s just the effect of alcohol (leading speculation as to why the lager wasn’t as beneficial). I do know that many asthmatics are recommended they drink a glass of wine or pint of beer a day, to alleviate inflammation and constriction, and there are of course numerous studies on the benefits of red wine. So, this would not be the first time alcohol has shown to have potential medicinal benefits.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think this deserves a drink.
-Kelly Hills

[cross-posted to the Women’s Bioethics Blog]

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