Health Care Ethics: Catholic Perspectives


St André International Center for Ethics and Integrity


Rochefort-du-Gard (near Avignon, Provence, France)



Tag(s): Past

Within Christianity, care of the sick and dying has always been a core ministry. Indeed, for much
of the past two millennia, the local hospice or clinic run by Catholic sisters was the only health care
facility in town. Today, a large number of health care facilities, ambulance services, rehabilitation
clinics, and nursing homes are still affiliated with the Catholic church. In this seminar we will
explore the values, tenets and principles that shape 21st century Catholic health care. Whereas
internationally renowned experts in bioethics will introduce various themes, the core of this
seminar will be a sustained conversation and critical debate among all participants, with ample
time for personal reflection, liturgy, and spiritual enrichment. The seminar will take place at the conference center Notre Dame de Grace in Rochefort‐du‐Gard near Avignon in the south of France. Onsite sessions will be alternated with excursions to historic, religious and cultural sites related to the topic of the seminar. Attendance is limited to 20 persons.

Event start time: 03:30 pm

Event end time: 03:30 pm

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